Fall Protection refers to a broad range of specialized equipment designed to protect workers and individuals from falls and fall related injuries. Certain fall protection equipment is specifically designed to prevent potential falls in the first place, while other types are designed to reduce injury if a fall occurs. When working at-height, fall protection is almost always a requirement on jobsites and helps to ensure worker safety and reduces risk of at-height related injuries. Harriscos stocks a wide range of quality fall protection gear including body harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, SRLs, and much more!

Fall protection equipment plays a key role in today’s modern safety practices and most jobsites require fall protection for at-height work! Even if fall protection is not required, it is good practice to be extra safe and implement a fall protection plan anyway.

When selecting fall protection gear, it is important to understand the different types of fall protection and their specific uses and applications. If you are unsure what equipment you need, we strongly recommend that you contact a fall protection training organization and reference the OSHA safety standards handbook before doing any sort of at-height work. Improper selection of fall protection gear can lead to serious injury or death.

Best practice for fall protection would be to eliminate all potential falls from happening in the first place. This practice is commonly referred to as Fall Prevention. However, in many situations, the complete removal of fall risk is not realistic. In these situations, a Fall Arrest setup would need to be implemented to help reduce potential injury if a fall were to take place. In addition, there are many other application specific fall protection setups such as Positioning, Suspension, Rescue, and Ladder Climb Systems. These are all examples of where specific fall protection gear must be selected to properly accomplish each at-height related task.

Regardless of what at-height gear your next job may require, Harriscos has a wide variety of fall protection gear and specialized equipment to help get you outfitted for your next job! If you have questions regarding fall protection or can't find the specific gear you need, simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and they will be happy to assist you.