Harriscos is an industry leading supplier of tie down and cargo control products for cargo trailers, van trucks, enclosed trailers, box vans, moving trucks, toy haulers, and more. We know the importance of properly securing loads inside cargo trailers during transit. That is why we offer only the best quality interior van straps, e track products, load locks, shoring beams, and anchor points.

If you can't find the specific product you need for your van or enclosed trailer, or if you have a question regarding cargo trailer tie downs, please contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will do our best to assist you.

E Track Tie Downs are a versatile tie down system that utilize steel tie down track rails called "E Track" or "L Track" as the anchor point for a variety of fittings such as e ratchet straps, e track rings, e hooks, e wood beam sockets, etc. that lock into the e track rails with special spring e fittings. Harriscos offers a full selection of e track, e track straps, and e track fittings. E track is most commonly used in enclosed trailers, pickup beds, utility trailers, toy hauler trailers, and storage applications.

Load Locks, Cargo Bars, Load Bars, Shoring Beams, & E Beams are all common names for the devices used inside truck trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, as well as pickup truck beds to keep loads from shifting during transit. Load bars are designed to be adjustable for width so that they can accommodate various trailer widths, etc. Ratcheting load bars and load locks press up against the walls of the trailer or truck bed and are tightened to keep the load bar from moving by use of a built-in ratchet device or lever lock. E beams and e track shoring beams are designed to lock into e track rails placed on the interior walls of an enclosed cargo trailer or van truck trailer. Regardless of which style cargo bar or load lock you are looking for, we have the largest selection available at the best prices.

If you purchase large quantities of load locks, cargo bars, or e beams, we offer volume pricing for truck fleets and trailer dealers. Contact one of our friendly account representatives for more information.

Door Pulls are just one of the many accessories we offer for van truck trailers and enclosed cargo trailers. Door pulls can be found in nearly every enclosed truck trailer that features a roll up style door. Door pulls are designed to make it easier for drivers to close the roll up doors on their trailers without the use of rope or other inefficient methods. Our truck door pulls are made from durable polyester webbing and are available in a variety of lengths including 12", 24", 36", and 72" and feature a bolt on steel clip for easy installation.