We offer a large selection of lifting slings including nylon flat web slings, polyester round slings, and chain type slings. All of our nylon and polyester lifting slings are handmade in the USA from premium grade webbing and sling hardware components. We offer ASTME4 proof testing and computer generated E4 test certificates upon request on all nylon and polyester lifting slings.

Nylon Slings are the most common type of flat web sling and come in many styles including eye & eye, endless, return eye, and choker. Nylon flat web slings are durable and very strong. Due to the fact nylon flat web slings are pliable and flexible, they conform easily around the load being lifted and are ideal for fragile and delicate lift applications. Nylon webbing absorbs liquid and this must be considered as certain chemicals and acids can deteriorate the webbing and cause the nylon sling to become weaker. Nylon slings stretch about 5-8% in length during use so they may not be a feasible choice for some lift applications. All of our flat web nylon lifting slings have the required safety tags and lift ratings included. Once again, all of our web slings are made in the USA to ensure quality, durability, and reliability.

Polyester Round Slings are available in eye & eye type and endless type configurations. Polyester round slings consist of a continuous or endless loop of 100% polyester fiber core covered by a protective outer jacket. The multiple fiber construction makes the round sling soft and flexible making polyester round slings the perfect choice for choked style lifts. Unlike nylon slings, polyester round slings only stretch about 3% in length and are ideal for lift applications where minimal stretch is required but strength is still needed. Polyester round slings are resistant to UV rays, rot, mold, and mildew. Additionally, polyester round lifting slings are lightweight, easy to handle, store, and clean. Every polyester round sling we offer is made in the USA to the strictest quality control standards possible and include the required safety tags and lift ratings on every sling.

Chain Slings are the most durable type of lifting sling and are best suited for heavy duty and harsh use environments. Chain slings are available is a wide range of configurations such as single leg, double leg, triple leg, quad leg, basket, double basket, and many more. We offer chain slings made from Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 type chain and fittings. All chain slings we offer are manufactured in the USA from both domestic and imported components. We only use domestic chain for our chain sling assemblies, and we use both domestic and imported fittings from name brands such as Cartec, Crosby, and Pewag. Chain slings are highly resistant to wear, cutting, and abrasion. Additionally, chain slings are highly customizable due to the large number of fittings and hooks available. Regardless of what you need to lift, the correct chain sling can be made specifically for you and to your exact specifications.

Need a custom lifting sling? We can produce any size, length, or type of lifting sling required for your specific application. Simply contact one of our product specialists and we will be happy to assist you with your specific custom lifting sling needs.