We offer a large selection of American made polyester round lifting slings in rating types 1 – 12. Sling types 1 – 4 are available in lengths up to 80' long and types 5 – 11 are available in lengths up to 60’. Our round slings are available in 1-1/8" – 8" diameters depending on the sling type. All of our polyester round slings are handmade in the USA from premium grade polyester webbing and a 100% polyester fiber core. Our round slings feature a "non-sewn" edge cover solid tube design to increase overall sling durability and wear life.

How to Order
Due to the many types and size variations of our polyester round slings, we currently require all orders for round slings to be placed directly with us via phone or email. If you need to place an order for slings, please contact us directly. This way we are better able to serve you and ensure you receive the correct sling for your application. Please note: Lifting slings cannot be returned once they have been shipped for safety reasons. Regardless of condition, new or used, returns for lifting slings will not be accepted.

Proof Testing
We offer ASTME4 proof testing and computer generated E4 test certificates upon request on all polyester round slings for customers who require certified proof tested slings. If you require proof testing, please contact us directly to arrange this with one of our helpful product specialists. Please note: Proof testing certificates will require an additional fee depending on the number of slings, and size of slings being certified.

Polyester Round Sling Types
There are two types of round slings:

Polyester Round Lifting Slings - Eye & Eye Type Configuration

Eye & Eye Type Configuration

Polyester Round Lifting Slings - Endless Type Configuration

Endless Type Configuration

Both types have identical weight ratings when compared to each other for identical sizes. The main difference is that the eye & eye slings have a double wall jacket sewn over a standard endless round sling to form the eye & eye configuration. The eyes remain color coded at the end of the sling for easy identification. Endless type round slings typically last longer than the eye & eye type as the round shape allows them to be moved so the sling doesn’t wear to heavily at one contact point. Both types of round slings (eye &eye/endless) can be used in the vertical, choke, and basket type lift configurations making them extremely useful for many different lift applications.

Polyester Round Sling Benefits
The polyester fiber core construction makes round slings soft and flexible, thus making polyester round slings the perfect choice for choked style lifts. The outer jackets on our polyester round slings are color coded to indicate the rating and weight capacity type. Unlike nylon slings, polyester round slings only stretch about 3% in length and are ideal for lift applications where minimal stretch is required but strength is still needed. Polyester round slings are resistant to UV rays, rot, mold, and mildew. Additionally, polyester round lifting slings are lightweight, easy to handle, store, and clean. Every polyester round sling we offer is made in the USA to the strictest quality control standards possible and include the required safety tags and lift ratings on every sling so users can easily identify safety ratings.

How are Round Slings Measured?
There are two main measurements for both eye & eye and endless type slings: Length & Diameter. Length is the distance end to end of the sling at each tip when the sling is laid flat. Please understand that the length is not the circumference of the sling, it is the end to end measurement. The diameter of the round sling is the diameter of the polyester fiber core, not the outside jacket diameter. Always refer to the safety ratings and safety tags as well for referencing sling identification.

Custom Polyester Round Slings
Need a custom polyester round sling? We can produce most any size, length, or type of lifting sling required for your specific application. Simply contact one of our product specialists and we will be happy to assist you with your specific custom polyester lifting sling needs.