Forestry Equipment Tire Chains

Forestry chains, otherwise known in the industry as skidder chains, are an aggressive form of tire chain designed specifically for logging equipment such as log skidders, feller bunchers, forwarders, and harvesters. Traction is the primary benefit; however, forestry skidder chains also provide excellent tire protection from debris and other rough terrain.

We offer a full range of options and styles in both carbon and alloy depending on your specific needs. Pattern styles include: Ring, Tight Ring, Multi Ring, Diamond, and Net.

For our commercial forestry customers, we also offer Trygg brand skidder chains and components. Trygg skidder chains are manufactured in Norway.

Due to the fact there are thousands of different tire sizes and types, sometimes a custom size tire chain is needed to fit your specific tire and application. For this reason, we have access to a full-service fabrication department and crew that specializes in custom built tire chains and snow chains for special tire sizes and traction use requirements.

If you have questions regarding tire chains or can’t find the specific forestry traction product you need, simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and they will be happy to assist you.