4" ratchet straps are the heaviest ratchet tie down strap available. Our 4" ratchet straps have a large 4" handle ratchet and come with either flat hooks, v rings, wire j hooks, or chain fitting type ends. Many commercial truck drivers use 4" ratchet straps on their flatbed trailers in addition to their winch straps for extra tie down securement between winches.

Our 4" ratchet straps come standard in 30’ lengths. Additionally, we can custom make 4" ratchet straps to any color, length, or end fitting configuration you desire. Simply contact one of our product specialists and they will explain your options and help get you the exact strap you need.

If you think that you need a lighter duty ratchet strap for your application, check out our 2"" ratchet straps and 1" ratchet straps.

If you have any questions or can’t find the specific ratchet strap that you are looking for, please contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will be glad to assist you.