Nylon webbing is a flat synthetic polymer webbing used for manufacturing a large variety of products such as lifting slings, tow straps, pet leashes, belts, dog collars, etc. Nylon webbing combines the desired quality of strength with an excellent stretch factor of roughly 5% at capacity and 30% at the rated breaking strength.

Our premium grade nylon webbing is rated at 9,800lb per inch (breaking strength) and is the same webbing used by domestic lifting sling manufacturers. The standard webbing color used for manufacturing lifting slings is yellow. Additional colors are available upon request if you need something special.

Our standard roll put-ups for nylon webbing are 300’ in length, however we offer bulk nylon webbing for customers requiring larger quantities. Currently we offer nylon webbing in 1” – 12” widths. Additionally, we can supply nylon webbing in bulk and in various custom colors for customers who require something more unique to their application.

Due to our extensive background in the webbing and hardware industry, we have multiple sources for both domestic and imported webbing products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need something special, we can most likely source the exact product you are looking for. Simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will track down what you need.