Polyester webbing is a synthetic webbing made from a base compound called polyethylene. Polyester webbing does not stretch, making it more popular for applications such as tie down straps, replacement ratchet webbing, and banding. Polyester webbing is resistant towards UV rays, mold, rot, and mildew which helps retain strength making polyester webbing ideal for tie down strap use.

Our premium grade polyester webbing is rated in accordance to industry standards. We offer the most popular polyester tie down webbing including 1" 3,500lb, 2" 6,000lb, 2" 12,000lb, 3" 18,000lb, 4" 20,000lb, and our heavy duty 4" 24,000lb web. Another popular polyester webbing product we offer is our 1-3/4" 6,000lb strapping. This is perfect for making curtain van replacement straps, tents, tarp reinforcements, etc.

Our standard roll put-ups for polyester webbing are 300’ in length, however we offer bulk polyester webbing for customers requiring larger quantities. We have polyester webbing available in widths ranging from 1" – 4". We stock only the most popular colors of polyester webbing, additionally, we can source custom colors if you need something special for your application.

Due to our extensive background in the webbing and hardware industry, we have multiple sources for both domestic and imported webbing products. If you can’t find what you're looking for or need something special, we can most likely source the exact product you are looking for. Simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will track down what you need.