We offer a large selection of protective wear sleeving products for use with hydraulic hoses, tie down straps, chain, electrical wiring, and more. Our wear sleeving products are made from durable cordura type material and are guaranteed to stand up to rigorous use and harsh wear conditions.

Sometimes referred to as Cordura sleeves, our protective wear sleeving is available by the foot and cut to length per order. Additionally, we offer full rolls of sleeving for customers who wish to purchase in bulk. Our heavy duty cordura type wear sleeving is available in 2"-4" widths to suit a wide range of hose sizes, webbing, and chain diameters.

Webbing Use – Sleeve Selection
Please Note: Protective wear sleeving will not guarantee full protection against webbing being cut or damaged while in use. It simply adds protection against wear and cutting but WILL NOT prevent it. Always use proper edge protection to ensure safety when using webbing products for application such as lifting, cargo control, etc.

Use our 2" protective sleeving for 1"-2" width webbing and use our 4" protective sleeve for 3"-4" webbing. The actual width of the sleeve measures slightly larger than the stock measurement to fit comfortably over 1", 2", 3", or 4" webbing. For example, our 2" sleeving measures 2.25" inside width and our 4" sleeve measures 4.25". Webbing typically measures out exactly as it's advertised width regardless of type (i.e. polyester, nylon, etc.).

Hydraulic Hose Use – Sleeve Selection
Please Note: Our protective sleeving is NOT designed for use as burst control when used with hydraulic hoses. It is simply designed to add protection against wear and hose damage.

Our 2" protective sleeving will work with hydraulic hoses up to 1" in diameter. Our 4" sleeve works with hoses up to 2.5" in diameter. Please keep in mind that hydraulic hose fittings, crimp points, and hose clamps can be larger than the hose diameter so double check fitting measurement as the sleeve must be fitted over the fittings to install.

Chain Use – Sleeve Selection
Protective sleeving works great with chain for applications where damage or wear may occur to contacting surfaces. Adding protective sleeving over your transport chain can prevent paint damage when hauling equipment, delicate loads, etc. Other popular uses include hand protection for swing sets when chain is used, bike security chains, gate chains, and much more!

For chain sizes up to 3/8", use our 2" protective sleeving and for chain sizes up to 5/8", use our 4" protective sleeving.

Due to our extensive background in the webbing and hardware industry, we have multiple sources for both domestic and imported webbing products. If you can't find what you're looking for or need something special, we can most likely source the exact webbing product you are looking for. Simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will track down what you need.