We stock a large selection of high-quality shackles including screw pin shackles, bolt type shackles, chain or D shackles, stainless shackles, and much more. Shackles are referred to by many names including anchor shackles, bow shackles, clevises, chain or d shackles, etc. Regardless of what you call it, chances are we stock it!

Galvanized type shackles are the most commonly used shackle for rigging, construction, and lifting applications. We stock the most popular types including screw pin shackles, bolt type shackles, and chain / D shackles. Galvanized shackles are used for a wide range of applications such as connecting lifting slings, towing and recovery applications, structural hardware, and more. Galvanization is a plating process that adds zinc oxide to the outer surface of the shackle which helps to reduce oxidation and corrosion making them ideal for outdoor use in industrial and structural applications where moisture can be a factor.

Stainless steel shackles are typically used in applications where rust or corrosion is to be avoided such as food service, marine, and manufacturing processes. We stock the most popular types of stainless shackles including stainless screw pin, stainless bolt type, and stainless chain shackles. All of our stainless shackles are grade 316 which is considered "Marine Grade" by industry standards. Type 316 stainless steel shackles contains high levels of molybdenum which make them highly resistant to corrosion and/or rust.

If you can't find the specific shackle you are looking for or need something special, we can most likely source the exact shackle product you are looking for. Simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and we will track down what you need.