Tire Chain Adjusters & Tensioners

Tire chain adjusters are one of the best investments you can make to ensure your tire chains last as long as possible. The use of adjusters can lengthen the life span of tire chains by up to 25%. We offer a large selection of tire chain adjusters and bungees for every application!

Picking the right adjuster is just as important as picking the right chain. If the adjuster is too small, it can run the risk of being over stretched and can fail prematurely. Likewise, a tire chain adjuster that is too large will not have enough elasticity to keep the chains tight and be virtually useless when installed. All of our tire chain bungees and tensioners have fitment ranges included in their product descriptions so that you can easily select the proper adjuster for your chains.

If you have questions regarding tire chain adjusters or can’t find the specific bungee you need, simply contact one of our helpful product specialists and they will be happy to assist you.